Take Chances, Make Mistakes, Say Hi!

I’ve been thinking, some of us have travelled long distances to arrive at UTM, while some may have lived in the same vicinity for many years. Despite our past differences, we share a colourful future together!


On a less cheesier note, the first few weeks of school have probably been hectic for all of us. From finding classrooms, to figuring out professors, to buying textbooks. But one of the main challenges I found, mainly ‘cause I’m brand new to this area, is making friends. From orientation, all the way up to the second week of classes, this struggle is one that does not go away.

First day.

Armed with a cellphone fully charged, the sleekest laptop, and a notebook with a pen tucked inside it.

You enter a classroom.

Chitter, chatter.

You look around. Trying to find a familiar face before it gets awkward for you to stand at the doorway.  (A 20 second rule usually)

Eventually, you give up and try to find a seat. But where?

You go for somewhere quiet; loud crowds can be a distraction.

But the entire time, your heart beats faster and louder than ever before.   Thud.   Thud.   Thud.

I don’t know why I write this in second person. It should be in first. I’ve faced this situation countless times, and the fear of it ending badly still conquers my nightmares. However, the past week of experiences have shown me ways of handling this anxiety or nervousness that we may feel in unknown classrooms.

I refer to the title of this post, and maybe those born into the 90s will get the reference


Take Chances! You’re as interesting as any person out there, be brave. Wear a smile, and walk with grace! And also, join ANY club that is of even the slightest interest to you- a lot of my friends joined the Archery Club. Why not?

Make Mistakes! Don’t be afraid of stuttering, not finding the perfect desk, or having to look cool. Go with your gut, and make mistakes. The result will probably be you learning, and learning is good; it’s what we’re all here for isn’t it?

Say Hi! A crucial step. Reach out to the person sitting next to you. Reach out to the person you stand next to as you await your next lecture. Extend out a hand, say hi, and you will be surprised. I met most of my friends that way!

With these three sayings in mind, it is almost impossible to feel nervous or lonely. Just remember, take chances, make mistakes, say hi!


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