Whether it is the growing season of the cold, or the increased workload in courses, challenges are approaching, and they are approaching fast. Last week, we discussed ways to macro-manage some long-term challenges. Dropping courses, planning courses, are all part of university life. But what about the daily tasks? The struggle of everyday @ UTM?

Here are some survival tips!

  1. Buying textbooks . Two words that are horrifying to any university student. You can buy cheaper textbooks @ !  Or try joining UTM Textbook Exchange groups on Facebook.
  1. Forgot something in the morning? Don’t worry- you can borrow phone chargers, laptop chargers, laptops themselves, headphones, and so much other useful stuff at the UTM library.
  1. You can put food money and printing/photocopying money on your T-Card! Visit the Retail and Hospitality Services room in the Davis building, or the Student Center!
  1. Afraid of the unexpected on exams? Some classes have past midterms and exams on the library website!
  1. Trying to find the perfect time, with no line ups at your favourite coffee place? There is an online webcam for the Tim Hortons lineup in the Davis building:
  1. Survival of the fittest: There are FREE drop-in Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Karate, and Judo classes at RAWC.
  1. TUNNELS, we will need them in the winter. There is an overhead tunnel connecting the top floor of the Davis building to the third floor of the CCT building. Don’t get lost! There is also an underground tunnel- from a bit beside the bookstore in the Davis building, to the Office of the Registrar in the Innovation Complex.
  1. Long walks? Classes too far away? You can rent bicycles at the Student Center for free!
  1. Tired of the Davis food courts? Of the subways and pizzas? There are some awesome fresh food options at the OPH Dining Hall (even if you’re non-residence!).
  1. Whether it is handing in a professional essay, or submitting a resume for an internship- The Academic Skill center located in the library, as well as the Career Center in DV 3094, can be uttermost helpful. Book an appointment, attend workshops, be resourceful.

With these 10 survival tips, it almost impossible to fall behind in the fast-paced track of academics and beyond, at UTM. #wecandothis

~~Oh and always remember to keep smiling… let’s make UTM a happier place, one smile at a time. ~~


–And my sappiness ends here–


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