S T [break] U D Y

Here are a few rejected titles for this post:

Put a brake on studies, take a study break!

Knock knock, who’s there? Study. Study who? Study Break.

A Break to Breathe

Hopefully the next part of this post will wipe the cringing expression you currently display. I’m sorry.

Anyhow, STUDY BREAKS. Why we need them, and what do we do with them? You may be saying, Mahika, I take loads of study breaks throughout the day, in fact I need to take a break from study breaks. I procrastinate, I use social media 24/7, I meet up with friends, I don’t think I should spend any more time “breaking”.

Before I try to convince you otherwise, let us first define what a study break is. For one, it is the complete opposite of the definition given on urbandictionary.com (I recommend that you do not search this up). A Study Break is essentially, doing an activity that makes you happy and allowing the brain to rejuvenate so that you return to your tasks refreshed. That may be a complicated definition, but what it really means is that what you do in your break should help enhance your productivity.

Whether it’s scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed and feeling slightly insecure because of the amazing lives other people are living,

Or whether it is binge-watching episodes on Netflix and feeling disappointed at every plot twist that didn’t follow through (ahem PLL),

It is agreeable that Social Media creates emotions that do not necessarily help the brain freshen up. This is perhaps the fine line between procrastination and study breaks.

SO, what IS a good idea for a study break? Here, I list a few that you’re welcome to implement:

  1. Look through old photos and videos
  2. Bake a sweet treat for yourself
  3. Interact with your family
  4. Sing karaoke to some of your favourite songs!
  5. Go for a walk/run around the block
  6. Try calling one of your friends, (calling, NOT texting)
  7. Read a novel or a short story
  8. Discover some new music
  9. Eat your favourite dish of food :’)
  10. Treat yourself to a shower, or a bath
  11. Apply for something: volunteer position, internship, job
  12. Watch a TEDTalk
  13. Write and mail a handwritten letter to one of your high school friends
  14. Doodle, draw, paint, sketch something, it does not have to be of artistic merit 😛
  15. Do a Crossword, or a Sudoku
  16. Take a quick, 15 minute power nap with your alarm set on high volume

There are so many more, but hopefully the ones above can inspire various other ideas! As such, breaking between studies is HIGHLY important, no matter how urgent it must be to solve an assignment or write that essay. Once refreshed, it is possible to complete the task in half the time than you would’ve originally taken. Why not give it a try?


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