High School Friends- Where Art Thou?

As we hustle through our first semester of university (which is coming to an end by the way!) and as we bustle through our own independent career paths that we’ve chosen for ourselves, it’s easy to distance ourselves away from who we were, just a few months ago.

Perhaps this was you earlier this year-

Or maybe you were far more enthusiastic-

Whatever our attitude towards high school may have been, what’s more important than who we were back then, is who we were with.

All the way from chewing gum in class (which at the time we thought was rebellious. Ha!) to spending hours in the library planning a presentation, to attending one of the very last high school gatherings- possibly Prom, our classmates, our friends, our “BFFs”, our #bae, were there by our sides. And as we venture out on our independent journeys, wherever we may be right now, amidst the chaos of academic deadlines, financial strains, overall stress, it is easy to distance away from relations we spent years growing.

Think back to your high school math class. Who did you go to for help if you were stuck on something?

Think back to your lunch periods. Who did you talk to the most?

Think back to all of your classes. Which teacher was your favourite? Which teacher, even if it was in a minuscule way, led you to where you are today?

Think back to your Grad Events, who did you plan your dress code with? Or who did you sit beside at the event? Who did you dance with if you attended Prom?

People popping into your head like-

Or maybe not.

The point is, keep these names in your mind. Maybe you have them as a friend on Facebook. If so, randomly message them. Be like, “hey, long time no talk,” or however you see fit. Or maybe you have their cell number, text them, ask them how life after high school is going. Chances are, their life is going to be as hectic and interesting as yours, and you’re bound to find common experiences or relatable emotions.

People say, life is about creating yourself (A quote by George Bernard Shaw), but as we create our new selves, we begin to forget our old selves. We begin to forget those who knew us and who cared for us for who we were, not what degree we were earning or what profession we were aiming for.

I’ll stop before I get too philosophical 😛 But all I wish to say is, it’s time to ask- High School Friends- Where Art Thou? (Get it? For those of us who studied Shakespeare in high school? I crack myself up *silently chuckles in the corner)





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