New Year, Old Me

Happy New Year! (Are we tired of hearing that yet?)

Drop the 5, place in the 6, it’s 2016!

With that, I end my little cheerleader moment.

Anyways, we are 3 weeks into the New Year, and WOW what a change it has been from 2015 hasn’t it?! With our holiday baggage unpacked, and our excess sleep wearing off, we hit the back-to-school/work season with excitement and anticipation.

But let’s get to the heart of New Year, what makes our new year really special? The fireworks, the ball drop, the partying, but ultimately, it’s still the next year whether or not those things are there. The shift between the years, boils down to ourselves- the resolutions we make, the promises we hope to keep.


Resolutions are a common tradition that many follow, with aspirations to bring a fresh start to their new year. But let me ask you, are your resolutions still alive? If they are, are you just as upbeat about them as you were on Day 1? If you answered yes to both questions, I sincerely applaud you! Consistency is the hardest thing to keep, ironically.

Whether its losing weight, going to the gym, being punctual, “trying something new everyday,” abandoning junk food, watching less YouTube, or whatever resolution on the endless list of suggestions, we need to understand what change is.


Change isn’t fixing the date at the top right corner of a page.

Change isn’t pretending to be a better version of yourself.

Change isn’t a New Year.

We make plans, we change,  we scrutinize ourselves, we criticize our decisions, we mould our life everyday! We don’t need the Earth’s rotation cycles to tell us to do better. We have long-term goals, aspirations, and we’re working toward them everyday.

So the next time someone asks you about your New Year’s resolutions, you can look them firm in the eye and say-

On a side note, thank you for reading my blogs, it was truly my first time writing on the internet, and I’m incredibly thankful to UTM, the Office of Student Transition, and your eyes for browsing through my words.





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