The Textbook Problem

We need textbooks! We need them for every class- whether it’s for the problems at the end of every chapter, or for the “really amazing and eye-opening” readings, quite a page-turner those are 😉

We know we need textbooks, but the question is, do we want them? If I had bought all my textbooks this semester, as recommended from the bookstore, my total cost would come to $1250 – that’s ludicrous!

I could’ve taken 2 more courses, or eaten 120 pizzas…
what a perfect depiction of my left brain vs. my right brain.

Last semester, out of the 5 textbooks I bought, I used only 2 or 3 on a weekly basis. The rest, merely for exam time. And then, as the semester ends, I tried to sell these textbooks, at least recover half the price, but they had changed the edition! So no one would buy the older edition that I had.

So what do I do with them now? I could save them up for a cozy winter’s day, to read them with warm cocoa.. ahh The History of Communication and Media. (That was sarcastic for those glaring)

Maybe here are some suggestions for those in the same book, I mean boat, as me. (credits to for the animations)

The pages are quite absorbent too.
We all need exercise!
funny gif expensive textbooks comic warmth  uw3n gif
Those Canadian winters get chilllyyy
funny gif expensive textbooks comic shelter  uw3r gif
Those hardback covers are STRONG

There’s probably others..

But all joking aside, these textbooks maybe are essential to the course and convey relevant and important material! But as students, craving learning and education, and are just at the tip of the beginning of our careers, it’s quite unfair to ask for such hefty sums.

What do you think?


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