Hi all! I decided to write a poem this week about how me, or many other struggling students like me, may sometimes feel. I’ll try not to spoil it for you but I think I’ve really stumbled upon something really deep here.

ANYWAYS, here you go:

In the Midst of it All


People running, people walking;
Rushing, hustling, bustling;
Towards a goal, a destination.
And you, in the midst of it all.

No time to stare, no time to wonder,
Too busy with their own lives.
It’s selfish, but it’s mainstream.
So it must be right; the right path to take.
And you, in the midst of it all.

People have goals, people have dreams.
Food to eat, places to go, jobs to work at.
Simply, that is it, the normal life today.
Yet, one goal is looked past. Ignored.
And you, in the midst of it all.

What must you be when you grow up?
Lawyer. Doctor. Engineer.
The possibilities are endless.
As for you, this question’s deeper, has more value.
You, you want to be a human;
A human who cares, a human who understands,
A human who’s humane.

Sometimes you wonder, what’s the difference?
A robot. A human. A zombie.
All of them work. All of them move.
They do what they are told.
And then there’s you, in the midst of it all.

Yet, human strikes different.
It has potential, tremendous potential.
Right now it’s trapped in a cave.
Dark, endless, repetitive.
And you, in the midst of it all.

As you continue to write this theory verse by verse,
You dispute, why is this poem in second person?
It should be in first.

Snatch the yous.
And drop the Is.
Then you’ll know,
This story was never yours,
It was mine.


-Mahika Phutane


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