Top 5 Mistakes Made by all First-Years

Maybe I’m generalizing by saying “all,” but it’s time to face the reality, we made at least some of these mistakes, and the only way we’re gonna get past this is to accept it, and move on.
*ends motivational speech

# 1 Textbooks

Buy brand new copies of every single book listed on every syllabus only to find out that half of them are ‘on reserve’ for free in the library. 

school animated GIF



Go to every frosh event no matter how ludicrous it sounds. You’ll be fine if you don’t make it to “Watermelon Three-Legged Race” or the “Toga Themed Boat Cruise.” I made most of my friends in lectures anyways. #academia 

#3 Speaking Up

Fail to speak up in class, which then lead to dreadful silences as the professor awaits an answer, which are then filled by this one kid who lives to talk and just about everyone dislikes (just kidding, I seriously respect this person)

#4 Campus Food

Pizza everyday? A salad bar? Fresh Smoothies?? Burritos and Tacos?! The cafeteria may seem like a paradise, but there will come a day when you’ll crave a home cooked meal
          After all,  this isn’t Hogwarts 😉

# 5 Treating University like High School

Starting submissions the night before? Ignoring to review last week’s notes? Avoiding readings? HA! Good luck making it through the year, first years. University is much chill-er than high school, but with that independence comes heightened responsibility which maybe we should all take, right? Right? Riiighhttt?

With these mistakes, (and many more that may be too indecent to list), it’s time to clear our heads, and try to make the most of whats left of our first year. Do you have any suggestions for other mistakes we can perhaps realize and improve upon?

And on a high note, one semester done, only 7 more to go 😉


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