Summer Bummer

So I haven’t written for a while recently.. and maybe the reason is similar to why many of you are reading this blog, say it with me-

My first summer after university has certainly been interesting.
I mean, 4 MONTHS of FREEDOM is pretty surreal, so surreal that we struggle to fill it up with things.

There’s some of us that are doing Summer School. cough.NERDS.cough—

—Alright thanks Bill Gates, I’ll keep that in mind.
*whispers, cough.nerds.cough

There’s some of us that travelling, vacationing, being adventurous, and doing things that are basically worth posting on Facebook about. Good for you! But if you are in a different city/town/country whichever, just try your best to adapt to there. Taking a break from school, its the one chance we have to explore a different lifestyle. Resorts, hotels, are all fun but try to go out on the streets, meet people, and that’ll what will make that travel memorable.

It’s all about viewing the world from a different lens.

Then there’s the other group that’s neither here nor there, they’re spending each day as it comes, working a part time-job or just “staycationing”, as the hippies like to call it. With this, just try to do something new every few days. Ya know.. like trying out a Zombie lifestyle by downloading Pokemon Go (I’m sorry)…  An actual GIF of me hugging my phone battery.

ANYWAYS, despite what we HAVE been doing, let’s remember that there’s about 1 and a half month left. What do you want to do? What have you been meaning to do, but never got the time to?

Look around your room, or wherever you are.. is there something you look at and smile? Something that piques your interest? Don’t wait too long.. ’tis summer will be over before we know it, and rather than it being a summer you’ll remember for years, it’ll be a summer of regrets… *glances back up at title .. a summer bummer.

So, let’s fight that procrastination and fill a li’l imagination, and make these oven-heat summer days worth their time. After all,

the time we have now, we may never get back.



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